Asia cup is very popular for Asian country who play Cricket. Specially south Asian country such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, UAE, Oman Etc. The tournament happens after 4 years each. Last tournament was in Bangladesh in 2014. Next Asia cup will be in United Arab Emirates and all the match will play in Dubai International Cricket Stadium & Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium (Abu Dhabi).

ASIA Cup 2018 Qualified Teams: There will be six teams in the tournament with Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan already confirmed while one more team will join these 5 teams via qualifiers which will be played between UAE, Hong Kong, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and Oman.

For the Asia Cup proper 6 teams will be divided into two groups of 3 teams each and every team play two group games and group winners qualify for the Super-Four round.

Groups A:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Qualifier 1

Group B:

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Afganistan

Top two teams from both groups will qualify for the Super-Four round where teams play 1 game against each of the other three teams and at the end of the Super-Four round top two teams qualifying for the final.

Asia Cup 2018 Schedule (Confirmed)
1Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka (Group B)15 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
2Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 (Group A)16 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
3Sri Lanka vs Afganistan (Group B)17 SeptemberAbu Dhabi11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
4India vs Qualifer 1 (Group A)18 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
5India vs Pakistan (Group A)19 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
6Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Group B)20 SeptemberAbu Dhabi11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
7Group A Winners vs Group B Runners-up21 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
8Group B Winners vs Group A Runners-up21 SeptemberAbu Dhabi11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
9Group B Runners-up vs Group A Runners-up23 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
10Group A Winners vs Group B Winners23 SeptemberAbu Dhabi11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
11Group A Winners vs Group A Runners-up25 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
12Group B Winners vs Group B Runners-ip26 SeptemberAbu Dhabi11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time
13ASIA Cup 2018 FINAL MATCH28 SeptemberDubai11:30 AM Bangladeshi Time

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